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Winning Robot Dogs: A1

Excellent Motion Stability of Unitree A1

Advanced dynamic balancing algorithm enables A1 to quickly reach balance in different situations like impact or fall.

World Record: Fastest Quadruped Robot dogs

The fastest and most stable small and medium-sized quadruped robot on the market. (World Record: 3.7m/s on a treadmill by MIT)

Robot Dogs can handle backflip

Unitree Robotics A1 is capable of achieving high-performance goals like walking on rocks, climbing the stairs, and even the backflip.

Vision-based Autonomous Object Tracking

Newest Unitree robots have not only back following, but side following options as well with advanced obstacle avoidance.


Videos, tutorials and guidelines
Chinese company releases ‘robot dog army’ video, makes people think about the end of humanity
Unitree A1 - You'd Better Run Now!
Роботы Unitree, техновечеринка в фуд-молле «ДЕПО.Москва» , Москва, март’ 21
Cheetah vs Robodog - Zoo Robot Research testing world 1st - Sydney Behind the scenes
Unitree Go1 Fastest Robot Dog in 2022
Unitree Robotics Go1 Super Sensory System


UnitreeRobotics A1

Currently available in European and American warehouses. Buy A1.

RT video of "robot dogs army" recently went viral. Yes, those are Unitree Robotics A1 robot dogs.

RT named this video “Chinese company releases ‘robot dog army’ video, makes people think about the end of humanity”. Firstly, we guarantee that Unitree robot dogs were made for positive personal use only and will not contribute to ending humanity. Quite the opposite. They can be used for a variety of situations where people need any kind of help. 

Unitree Robotics A1 real performance in a non-controlled environment

Looks like a scene from some futuristic movie, but it’s as real as it gets. Additionally equipped Unitree A1 robot is running only 25% of its full speed capabilities. Its multiple sensors will allow it to recognize any potential obstacle and avoid or overcome it with ease. If you are impressed by this video, wait until you see Unitree A1 doing backflips, climbing stairs, or following an athletic runner.

Marketing purposes. Wherever Unitree A1 robot dogs are, there is a crowd!

Although the advanced robot dogs were not meant for this purpose, it is a fact, where there are robots, there is a big crowd. Therefore, robot dogs like A1 are often used for the promotion of any kind of technology shop or event. Because of their futuristic features, no man could simply ignore them or pass them without stopping or taking a picture.

SYDNEY ZOO uses Unitree A1 robot dogs for monitoring cheetahs.

Maybe not the best quality video, but it clearly shows the practical use of advanced robotics of Unitree. Sydney ZOO decided to use Unitree Robotics A1 to enter and monitor their dangerous animal cages. The use of robot dogs greatly benefits the animal caretakers as well as the animals themselves. Simple tasks in the cage can now be easily done by robot dogs without putting anyone’s health at risk.


About Robot Dogs Shop

Robot Dogs: your trusted robotics shop is your trusted robot dogs shop with the best price guarantee. We offer a truly fast and affordable experience to buy a robot dog from Unitree Robotics. You can find the world’s most popular robots. It is understandable that good specifications are not all that matters, so we are proud to offer outstanding affordable pricing with included free (express) shipping.

Locally avaliable in the EU, USA and UK.

To offer the best robot dogs at the most competitive market prices, we work together with a variety of international partners and shipping provders. The international network of suppliers and our strategically optimized ordering system allows us to offer you the best price to performance ratio with real discounts. Our prices are lower than those on official brand websites. Best price guarantee.

Boston Dynamics vs. Unitree Robotics

There is no doubt that Boston Dynamics Spot is a truly advanced piece of technology that was also a source of inspiration for Unitree A1 and Unitree Go1 development. However, Boston Dynamics Spot is made for professional institutions while Unitree Robotics dogs are available to everyone with a fraction of the Spot’s price. An entire army of Unitrees costs as much as one basic model Spot.

Discover our wide range of premium robot dogs: Whether you prefer to buy a 2021 top-selling Unitree A1 or an advanced next-generation dog Unitree Go1 our locally well-stocked online shop will provide you with the right robot meeting your requirements. Rely on our carefully chosen quality selection of first-class robot dogs. Incidentally, the most renowned manufacturer in this area is the famous Unitree Robotics. With us, you can buy an advanced robot dog cheaply and get it delivered to your doors in a matter of days.

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